© JPaden PhotographyOh heyyyy. I’m Jax. Since you are already here-- you probably already know that roller derby is kind of my thing.

I’ve surrounded myself with it the past 5 years. In that time, I’ve worn many hats: skater, captain, art director, coach, and trainer. None of it has come naturally to me. I never dreamed of being an athlete. I would have laughed if you told me that my favorite things in life were going to be fitness and training. Yet, here we are now!

This space exists because I want to show you that it is all possible. ALL OF IT. …Or as much of it as you would like to be!

When I made the transition from casual skater to focused athlete, I felt like there was no road map. Workouts were whatever I could cobble together after spending an hour feverishly googling. Some of them helped me. Some didn’t. Now having gone through this journey and helping others do the same, I want to be the resource I had been looking for. I want to share everything I can with you. Like weekly off skates work outs, coaching tips, pump up playlists, new drills, and of course- my feelings.

Coach Bo

"What are you doing human? Time to get up and do some burpees."

"Good. Don't forget the forehead kisses. That's the most important part."

I skate for Ann Arbor Roller Derby’s travel team, Arbor Bruising Co. I coach and train the League’s home team, the Ypsilanti Vigilantes. I’ve been known to guest coach for surrounding leagues as well. I regularly hang out at Crunch Fitness to lift heavy shit (outside of moving Ann Arbor's blockers) and sprinkle in targeted off skates training in the comfort of my own home, cheered on by Coach Bo, my cat. I am always working to be the best athlete, trainer, coach, and human I can possibly be.

I am here to prepare you for those Oh $#*%! moments.