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Coaching has made me better. It’s made me a better human and it’s made me a better athlete.

What are the benefits that can come from taking on the role of Coach?

It keeps you hip and trendy!
Roller derby is constantly evolving. It seems like almost every month there’s a hot new strategy, trick, drill, or important blog post. As a coach, you owe it to your team to submerge yourself in everything new and improved. Even if it’s a strategy or trick you don’t want to teach your team… knowing about it can benefit the team. For example: Just because your team doesn’t block in a cube, doesn’t mean your opponents won’t. Just because you avoid being a flat wall, doesn’t mean your opponents won’t. Grow your knowledge and you’ll become a better skater and coach for it.

You will learn, constantly.
Can you tell me, immediately, off the top of your head, what foot you jump from when you jump the apex? Do you REALLY know what “use your edges” means? Can you explain that when someone asks? What does engaging your core actually mean? Where should your weight be when you are doing a specific drill? Just because you have a set of skills and can demo a drill… doesn’t mean you actively know what you are doing with your body. A lot of the time we are in auto-derby mode, completing the action without dissecting it. Being a good coach means finding the answers, even if you don’t have them immediately. Sometimes all you have to do is slow down the action as you demo it and you’ll figure it out. Other times, someone you are coaching will already have the answer! Remember, you have unlimited resources to help you and those you coach grow.

You stay grounded.
Don’t forget where you came from, no matter how far you’ve climbed the skill ladder. It is incredibly encouraging and heartwarming to hear from a skater you admire that they too struggled with a particular skill. Stay in touch with your roots. Be open about what your past and present challenges are. When you aren’t afraid to talk about failure, struggle, and the grind it takes to achieve success… those you teach won’t be afraid to consistently try and work towards their goals.

I imagine being a coach can feel similar to being a parent. These 20+ skaters are my family. It is my responsibility to help them grow and find success. When they’re happy, I want to celebrate. When they’re having a hard time, I want to show them it will be okay. When they’re being an asshole, I want them to cut that shit out.

Pride. Overwhelming pride.

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Watching others success and knowing you played a part– no matter how small or large– feels SO good. Seeing someone nail something they’ve been struggling with for months, noticing the light bulb pop on when they have a breakthrough, seeing them celebrate with themselves or others… it’s all pretty great.

Every single week, I look forward to running practice. Even if the practice isn’t what I hoped for, I can guarantee something good happened in those two hours. I played a role in that something good and that feels pretty incredible.