Footage Review - Price Negotiable

Does watching footage of yourself give you the heebie jeebies? Maybe you watch your footage religiously, but feel a bit stuck? Whatever category you find yourself in, having an outsider’s perspective can be a game changer.

I will watch your footage. I will provide jam-by-jam notes. I will make GIFs to accompany these notes. You won't have to stress. 

Custom Practice Agenda - Price Negotiable 

Writing a practice agenda can be difficult. Writing a practice agenda where each drill flows into the next, is even more difficult. I have been honing the craft of writing agendas for years. I target specific skills and use building blocks to not only reach, but smash the end goal.

Need a jammer focused practice? I can do that. Need an offense focused practice? I can do that. Need a practice that has a bit of everything? I can do that too!

Travel & Train – Price Negotiable

Sometimes running a custom practice agenda just isn’t enough. I would love to visit you! Before I make the trip: we will discuss what your team wants to get out of this practice, I will share my planned practice agenda, and we can revise as you see fit. I will then travel to you, run your practice, and e-mail you team specific feedback within the week following.

Price is dependent on complexity, length, and location of your practice. Get in touch and let’s discuss!

Contact me at for any and all of your service questions!