We all have a certain fear of looking stupid in front of others. Remember not raising your hand in class because you thought your question was stupid? Remember that one practice where you didn’t give it your all, because you were afraid of falling and looking dumb? Jax… I can’t say that she doesn’t have this fear, but I can say she has the courage to push past it. Jax is an incredibly talented Jammer, and my roller derby team (the Mitten Mavens) has been lucky enough to have her lead several clinics. The first clinic I attended with Jax, I walked in thinking she was a superhuman. Then I watched her slip and fall on her ass, and bust out laughing. Throughout the entire clinic, the two points she hammered home more than anything else were these: do not fear looking stupid, and mistakes are where you learn. This ethos is incredibly freeing. Have someone who is so talented but so utterly humble (and prone to clumsiness) inspires me. I’m still afraid of looking stupid, still afraid of making mistakes, but she’s given me the courage to push past that fear and do it anyway.

— Alice Tear, Mitten Mavens

Best $ our league has spent to date!
Jax asked what we needed to work on, developed a plan, shared the plan ahead of time, and most importantly she delivered! She arrived early, and brought such energy to the floor. She explained the drill, demonstrated, then had us do it. We covered a lot of skills, each drill built upon the previous drill, and we even noticed improvement by the end of practice.
She has mastered the elusive balance of time that we struggle with.... how long to spend doing this, when to move on, etc. Discussion was kept to a minimum, due to the progressive flow of skills, and our 2 hours was over before we knew it.

Thank you Jax for sharing yourself with our team! We are already planning the next date!

I highly recommend having her out. Even if you can do it only once, the investment will pay off for your skaters.

— Bull Leigh, Chemical City Derby Girls

I appreciate your willingness to demonstrate and change on the fly due to our ability. It also was great to be pushed by someone to work hard and you genuely seemed to care about us improving which made me want to work harder. I think it was a great mix of all aspects of derby! Jax was amazing to work with all varieties of skaters on the team. Her lack of judgement when assisting in drills was greatly appreciated. Her desire to help you improve for your own well being is unmatched!

— Minnesota MaulHER, Central Michigan Mayhem

​I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the pace, and the laughs. As a defense mostly player/team the drills brought a new perspective to the track. It was also nice to see skaters who don't normally play offense offer some up in scrim. You could actually see the bravery in our jammers and the chaos they could cause the blockers improve over the course of the day. Jax's coaching style is fun and fast paced as skills/drills build upon one another.

— Lizzy Luscious, Traverse City Roller Derby/Toxic Cherries