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Pivot/Jammer for
Ann Arbor Roller Derby.

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Supportive and encouraging,
without the nonsense.


Intelligent, targeted training
through visuals & building blocks.

Jax strives to be a whole-person coach. She cares about people on a human level and understands we all come to derby from different places and with different things to accomplish and overcome. Jax encourages skaters to be their best in a multitude of modalities—it's not only her intentional training strategies, it's also things like supporting an offskates social media group, reminding people about nutrition and hydration, providing verbal and written feedback, sending articles out, and—this one is my favorite—leading by example. That doesn't just mean working hard to be an amazing skater on the track, it also means modeling supporting behaviors like commitment to working out, or being honest about mental health and derby feelings.

- Velociroller, Ypsilanti Vigilante

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